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21 Stylish Mirror Ideas for Wall in the Bedroom

Smart accent wall idea with mirror.

A bedroom wall remains incomplete without the addition of a right mirror because it is not only a necessary item but a vital decorating tool too. Proper mirror setup adds new dynamism to bedroom decoration and changes the room’s outlook.

Another big reason for adding a mirror to the bedroom wall is to add a new complexion like an accent wall at a reasonable price. Those who are struggling to do expensive accent walls can choose mirror attachment as a cost-saving option.

Besides the lower price value, any beautifully designed mirror attracts everyone who enters the bedroom. 

Firstly, view the standing mirror idea that could transform your ordinary bedroom into a well-decorative zone.

Standing mirror

In the beginning, this particular mirror design surely fascinates you. It’s a simple mirror, framed with a nice wooden structure that works as a large canvas of the bedroom.

As this mirror is easily transferable; you can set it in any corner of the bedroom, which is a good advantage to have. Moreover, for that simple design, the mirror calibrates well with the room decoration.

Small round mirror idea for bedroom wall

This mirror looks like a risen moon on the wall for the round shape. The simple wooden round frame made it the perfect setting for the bedroom wall. There is nothing more left that I can say about the beautiful mirror except the nice design. 

Rectangular mirror design

And on the third number of the list, this nice mirror takes the position well deservingly. Here, the rectangular shape and medium size are a perfect combination which made this one so desirable. 

When it comes to the question of the price of the mirror, you can avail of a similar one for around 50 dollars. So, if you have a lower budget on a mirror item, then you may look for this.

Nice round facial mirror

I have put this mirror example in the fourth position, due to its simple design and lower price tag. This is the first borderless mirror on this large list. I liked this one very much, for its small dimension which can be placed on any corner of the bedroom wall.

Having such a mirror is enough to add the final touch to any accent wall design. A complete and well-decorated accent wall design also works as a great factor in shining the room view.   

Large wall mirror for bedroom 

This gigantic large mirror design respectively takes the fifth position on the list, due to its attractive shape. And while laying on the bed, you can’t take the whole advantage of it. To avail the advantage just sit in front of it first. 

It will be so handy especially when you run out of time and want to be ready in a quick time. Then you may complete the preparation in front of it. 

For quick ready-to-go setup the obvious reason for attaching a mirror to the bedroom wall. Such a large-scale mirror provides the exact opportunity of getting ready quickly. 

Hanging mirror

The hanging mirror idea is another unusual mirror design that suits well to any bedroom. Any hanging mirror looks better with other hanging decoration items. 

Decoration of the room mostly depends on how you are placing the item in the proper positions. Here that hanging mirror is placed in the most likely position for that reason overall looks of it seem so decorative. 

So, you may follow this option to add the final touch to your bedroom decoration by the attachment of that beautiful mirror. 

Placing a mirror on a corner section of the room

Placing any mirror in the corner of the bedroom is traditional practice for most European cultures. This simple mirror fits well with any bedroom and especially looks better in accent wall bedroom houses.  

Yes, the purchase price of the mirror will be costly as it has a nice wooden frame standing. But, the look you will get from setting up such a wonderful mirror is worth that money. 

Best mirror design for bedroom

Although this wonderful mirror idea is given in the middle part of the list, it deserves a higher position due to its magnificent square shape. Well, not only the shape but the gigantic size of that wall mirror is also a great thing most other bedroom mirrors don’t have. 

Another point to see is that it will be so harsh if all credits go to the mirror alone, here the overall decoration of the bedroom plays a huge role too.  

Creative mirror style

It’s the first example of some creative mirror setting work on the bedroom wall. Here two mini hanging mirrors were set up on the wall just over the headrest position. Well, at first impression the mirror setup may look so simple, however, these attached mirrors are more than simple.

Two mirrors are in a smaller size, however, the setup has transformed an ordinary wall into an extraordinary wall. Another important thing you must keep in mind, such decoration is appropriate for a large bedroom in a modern gigantic house. 

Large bedroom mirror set

It’s a classic example of setting a mirror on the wall of a modern house. Here the large square mirror is placed over the headrest position to add a new dimension to the bed standing section which completely changed the view of the bed and transformed it into a giant standing wall. 

I have already added a similar mirror design to the post. So, you may select your favorite one from any of these.  

Large classic mirror

Photo by Polina Kovaleva

I like corner-setting mirrors more than wall-attached mirrors, especially for the bedroom wall. Any corner mirror has to have nice standing which makes it free and easily moveable. Here this classic mirror consists of all the required qualities. 

Those who are looking for some ideas for bedroom corner mirrors can deeply see this stylish mirror idea to deploy in their bedroom. 

Wooden frame mirror

Photo by Beyza Eren

This type of wall mirror was mostly featured in older houses. Nowadays, the use of similar items has been so rare. As modern houses have decorative walls, any smaller wall mirrors suit well in the bedroom, unlike in the old days. 

The change of taste or changes comes in decoration thoughts more often. Here in this mirror style, we can notice that quick change of taste, style, and decoration. 

Mini black mirror

You have already seen so many similar examples like this one. So, I don’t think you are waiting to see any description of this particular mirror design. 

Here the only major thing you may see is the black frame which is made of plastic, not wooden material.

Classic mirror decoration idea

Photo by Dada _design

In a large bedroom like this, the attached one has no replacement if you want to make a huge statement with a stylish mirror. Just deeply see the room color, and find similarities to the mirror color with it. Plus all other decor items are so nicely done to keep it simple design which should be the general idea of decorating any room. 

Just keep the decoration simple and do little changes and bring necessary built-ins and external decorating things along with a beautiful mirror to compete for overall decoration. 

Wooden framed mirror

Photo by Jesus R Gen

Although I have put this mirror example so late on the list, it deserves a higher position due to its nice manufacturing structure. You may find this type of wooden work on every material and especially in mirror design if someone has a deep love for wooden materials. 

This more often looks like an open book due to the special framing design. It is an attractive wall mirror. 

However, the price tag of such top-class mirrors should be much higher. But, I am sure that you will get the perfect return after buying such a stylish mirror for the bedroom. 

Corner mirror set up for bedroom

You can set flat self-standing mirrors on any side of the wall. Here the owner has placed the mirror in his favorite corner. Yes, the mirror isn’t playing a huge part in the overall decoration, but the mirror works as external glue to shine the room more. 

Sadly, speaking I didn’t like the overall decoration of the room except the beautiful side-placed mirror. I expect a more organized bedroom which should be a proper place for resting peacefully. 

Nice white mirror

As the room already has huge white windows on the side wall, there was no alternative to choosing the white mirror to maintain an organized decoration. Here the mirror frame looks so fantastic which makes it so ideal for this bedroom. 

Lastly, I have to admit that the overall decoration is the perfect setting for white lovers. 

Two-bed wall design with large mirror

Photo by Engin Akyurt

This is the first two bedded bedroom example on the list. Here the floor design and overall decorations look so fine for a two-seater bedroom. 

When it comes to the mirror design, the large-sized mid-parted mirror has no alternative in this kind of bedroom. 

Nice mirror style of the bedroom

Photo by Dada _design from Pexels

To decorate this huge modern bedroom accent wall, you need adjustable mirror placement first. Here, the matching decoration including the nice mirror seating just behind the headrest position looks so nice. 

Based on the placement and color distribution, I will rate this bedroom a top-notched one. Thereby, you can copy the overall design to create a beautiful bedroom.

Marvelous mirror design.

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy

You can understand why I have named this as a marvelous one. This mirror is completely different from all other collections and looks nice in the bedroom which made it the best one. 

If you are trying for a stylish mirror that does accent wall things too on a cheap rate, then this mirror won’t be a bad idea at all. You will get everything in one mirror package.  

Sunflower mirror style for bedroom

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy

Finally, we are viewing the last example of a fantastic mirror collection with this one. To complete the list I choose this beautiful and easily gettable mirror design for you. 

Anyone can choose this similar mirror design and get it at a reasonable price. Here, the mirror looks so nice as it matches the room color quite easily. You should also keep in mind these things to choose a nice mirror for bedroom wall decoration.

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