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8 Right Ways to Decorate Shelves of the Dining Room

Styling the dining room shelve

Modern dining rooms have various built-ins for decoration. Shelves are the most used and by far the most common built-in item. So, everyone wants to decorate the shelf beautifully to achieve a good outlook of the dining room. Some do well whereas, some do horrible mistakes in decorating as there are multiple ways to decorate the dining room shelf.

In the dining room area friends and family gather for multiple reasons – to take meals, celebrate, meet, and do more things. That busy area of the house binds us together. The dining room silently witnesses joyful and painful moments of our daily life. 

A better-styled room automatically delivers positive vibes. Whether you agree or disagree, a well-decorated dining room is the foundation of good family life. Regarding major decoration moves in the dining room, you can not ignore shelving decor at any point. Thereby it is crucial to know all formulas for decorating the shelves of your dining room.

Shelving decoration of a dining room is possible in many ways. Still, no fixed ways, keep in mind some necessary suggestions to do it. Try to follow easy and cost-saving options rather than putting an extra burden on your shoulder. 

Bring on the perfect dimensional shelf that fits in your dining room. Then, decorate it with artifacts, and showpieces. To achieve a better look add a proper lighting system. Avoid extra and expensive decorations. Make sure, to have the proper color combinations for a much better-looking dining room. 
Summary: How to decorate shelves in the dining room

What items can be used to do shelving decoration of the dining room?

Shelves decoration is possible with a large variety of artifacts. The most used items are plants, glass, plates, books, family photos, small art, heirlooms art, vases, trinkets, etc. 

Some prioritize basic dining sets to decorate the shelving boxes. Although it largely depends on personal choices, using regular dinner set items has somehow become a customary rule nowadays.

Conversely, the use of varieties of items on shelf decoration is also a familiar idea. Some of us also use hand-made artifacts to avoid any additional expenses. Whereas, others rely on customary expensive items. 

It completely depends on yourself what items you may choose to decorate the dining room shelf.

Dining room white shelf decoration

Source: Pinterest

Making the shelf a multi-purpose hub is a great way of decorating it. Here the house owner did the same. From books to different functionality of showpieces – everything is on display here. 

Although decorating multiple artifacts on a single shelf is a tight choice. Sometimes, we miss the right order of putting things on the shelf. Which leads to a mess decoration. Likely, the particular shelf is looking nice corresponding to following the right order.

To make it more attractive – the addition of this beautiful lighting on the top of the shelves deserves the credit. 

From the lower layers to the upper layers, the shelf is nicely styled. Undoubtedly, The idea of decoration is a good source of learning for everyone.

Built-in dining room shelf

Source: Pinterest

The color choice of the shelve seems a little unfavorable to me. As I always prefer simple white-colored built-ins for the dining room. Yet, it somehow fits well in this room and goes well with the overall decoration. 

Collections of the items seem a little messy too. Still, the setting of those items looks fine. That’s why the overall decoration somehow does the right business.

I highly recommend this styled shelf for the large living room rather than putting it in a smaller dining room.   

A simple way of shelving decoration

Source: Pinterest

I always like simple forms of decoration. By keeping the built-ins simple the outlook of the room becomes more eye-catching. 

Even messy decoration sometimes destroys the outlook of the particular furniture and in the process obstructs the room’s view. 

The entire shelf is decorated with essential books, nice artifacts, and beautiful showpieces. The left corners are filled with books consequently the right corner is styled with beautiful artifacts. The shelf is painted white color from up to the bottom. Concurrently, the lighting system creates a more agile outlook. Overall, it is a mastermind way of decorating the dining room shelving.

Deeply colored shelf decoration

Source: Pinterest

Although I always prefer white shelves, this greenish item looks nice to me. With a white ceiling and wooden floor tiles, it matches well with the room.

To decorate the empty spaces books and showpieces were used here. Unsurprisingly, I can see the use of beautiful wall images too. Yet, the standout feature is the beautiful planting kept inside the shelves.

The shelve decoration is amazingly done and fittable for any dining room of modern houses. You can think of similar approaches to shelving decoration shortly.

Nicely decorated living and dining shelving 

Source: Pinterest

It is an unfamiliar designed shelf in the living room area. From the color contrast and the design point, it is completely different from any traditional shelves. 

Yet, the way of decoration looks good and follows traditional rulings. The right corner is filled with books, the next adjacent corner is decorated with artifacts, the central left section is also decorated with artifacts, and the remaining left section of the shelf is filled with books. So, the overall decoration is completed by putting items orderly to create nice visuals. 

Surely, everyone likes to see well-decorated shelves like this in their dining room. 

Easily decorating dining shelving

Source: Pinterest

From the first line of this post, I am encouraging you to follow simple rules while decorating the shelf. Here everything is done simply still the outlook is far better than any messy shelves. Thereby, try to maintain simplicity in doing the decoration. 

The shelf is a completely black one. The lower layers were decorated with beautiful artifacts. Consequently, the middle and upper layers were filled with similar-styled artifacts. But no different styling items are in use. That is the only downfall of it. 

Yet, many of us like similar artifacts present inside the shelves. They are surely going to love the following way shown here.

Small shelf decorating

Source: Pinterest

Most of us choose small built-in items only because of a shortage of money. A large built-in item costs much higher – in the current economic condition everyone can not afford that amount of money.

So, it is fair if you choose a similar piece as a shelf in your dining room to save an extra penny. Although the number of compartments is so less, it is still filled with nice artifacts and necessary items. The self is decorated by large images, artifacts, and essential dining items. 

Overall, the shelf decoration looks superb with the existing body coloring and nice displayed artifacts collection.

The wooden shelf in the dining room

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

If someone is not able to bear the cost of framed shelves they can approach these similar built-in shelves. Wooden pieces were drilled into the wall to create zone-like shelves. Those zones were filled with different types of artifacts. 

The overall decoration here looks marvelous. You may find paintings, books, and artifacts in these three separate stores. This shelf somehow fits with the room and at times becomes helpful too. 

How to decorate dining room shelves?

No fixed points there still, but there are some ways to complete the decoration. So, first, comes the question of how many shelves you should bring in.

No fixation is there on how many shelves should be in a dining room. But, based on the room dimension most of us choose one shelf, and concurrently some others bring two or more.

To decorate the shelf use your common sense first. Focus on the color department while purchasing the shelf. Bring on a suitable color shelf that fits well with the existing room color.  

Then bring on the artifacts that you are ready to put on the blank boxes of it. You can use various artifacts or opt for one similar set item. 

Finally, keep all those items orderly on the shelves. Put larger items on the down layers as these always get attention even from a narrow angle. Remember to bring forward smaller artifacts like framed pictures. 

Make sure the overall outlook of the dining room shelf stays on a marginal level. Bring on enough items; nor a lot, nor fewer items to decorate the shelf.

What things are avoidable in decorating dining room shelving?

Decorating is not an easy task, that’s why making mistakes in decorating is common. Try to avoid common mistakes – like messy items, wrong items, extra items, fewer items in addition to the shelf. 

Always opt for the proper size and dimension of the shelf. Don’t bring extra large and extra smaller framed built-ins to your home.

Try to maintain a color combination. Avoid overdoing decoration and stay with a fixed style for a long period. Do not put yourself on hesitations. Do what seems right for you. Avoid outsiders’ preferences and contrarily prioritize your and your family member’s choices.

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