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Ceiling Fan or Air-cooler: Newborn Room Facilities

Ensuring proper room facilities for a newborn is the prior duty of all parents. Appropriate room facilities have a significant impact on a baby’s health. During that vulnerable age, every conscious parent does offer the best room decoration for ensuring better health care for the newborn.

Parents with the newborn

On setting up the room – lights, fan, air ventilation, bedding, and noise issues come first. Most of us have doubts about the air ventilation system of the room. It seems we are always in a dilemma about whether the ceiling fan or the air cooler will be the best fit in that newborn room. To clear your mind, I am sharing my true experience.

In between the air conditioner, table fan, and wall fan, we consider the ceiling fan as the best fit for the newborn room. The ceiling has more benefits than all other compared items. Nevertheless, a ceiling does not make a newborn sick either. So, choose a ceiling fan for decorating a newborn’s room.
Summary: Will ceiling fans make newborns sick?

Consequences of fan and air conditioner: in the newborn’s room

I was in a small house with my husband when I gave birth to my first child. Her name is Camalia and after release from the hospital we stayed in the left corner small room of that small house. I chose that room because the room temperature was average during morning and night time. However, during the mid-summer time, the room temperature rises to 35 degrees continuously.

To control that room temperature, we used an Air-cooler there. Through the AC we were able to reduce the room temperature quickly, but there were so many disturbing issues like less natural ventilation and less hearing of sound problems.

A ceiling fan in the room

As the AC room’s built-in compact nature with the surrounding glassing system, there was no excess of natural air. Almost all the time, we had to turn on the AC to control the temperature. Sometimes, at night time the room temperature falls drastically. Consequently, Camellia and I suffered from cold-related diseases.

Another big problem was the non-availability of sound from the outside due to the closed glass system of the room. Even from outside of the room, I was not able to hear Camellia’s cry many times. That is a huge problem. I had to deal with it only because of the room structure. That’s why the idea of staying with a newborn in an AC room sucks. 

Air-conditioning decoration interior

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The ceiling fan has a positive outcome for a newborn room setting

After conceiving my second baby, I decided to stay in the normal room under the ceiling fan. There was no option for AC, and I decided to stay in a non-air-cooler-featured room from the previous horrible experience. 

The room was open from every side which helped get proper ventilation. During the night time, I used to keep the window open for getting free fresh air access in the room. Plus, the open room was much better in case of hearing sound from outside and inside. 

So, it is quite clear that a ceiling fan does not make a newborn sick, rather it is beneficial for the baby’s health. 

Advantages of setting a ceiling fan in a newborn’s room

In comparison with a wall fan, table fan, or with Air-cooler, a ceiling fan has a more positive impact. 

Proper air distribution

Large and longer blades disturbed air in each corner of the room. Even in a bigger room, a ceiling fan delivers air to every corner properly with the help of these long blades. Similarly, a fan delivers air to all sections simultaneously, not creating any airflow pressure just under it. 

Open room facility

A ceiling fan does not require a compact glassing room like an air cooler. That’s why ceiling fans can deliver proper airflow even in an open room. A ceiling fan delivers more air in an open room rather than a closed room. So, you will get an open room facility for newborns, if you attach a ceiling fan for fresh air delivery. 

Health benefits of a ceiling fan

The fan delivers air all over the room with the help of its long blades. Therefore, you will not face sore throat problems from it. As it does not deliver direct air to the body, you will have proper blood circulation, unlike a table fan. So, undoubtedly ceiling fans are the best choice for a newborn. 

A funny object for the newborn

The ceiling fan takes the attention of babies easily. When the fan turns off or on, the baby sees it as a funny object. Therefore, a newborn also spends time well seeing the fan. That process reduces your hectic work a little bit.

A nice ceiling fan

The disadvantages of a ceiling fan

It is so obvious that a ceiling fan does have some disadvantages too like other machines. At times ceiling fans can be so noisy. And like an air-conditioner, you can not keep it outside of the room. Even some can not tolerate the sound of the ceiling fan.

Sometimes the ceiling is unable to deliver air all around the room. It is also a common drawback found on most ceiling fans. 

Also does not fit well on any modern houses. For modern house decoration, we recommend an air conditioner as the best solution.

Does a ceiling fan make a newborn sick?

Straightway, the answer is no. We have been told that the ceiling fan is the best choice if you are concerned about the health or condition of your baby. Only the noise problem can create a disturbance. However, a baby does not recognize that noisy sound most of the time. 

So, a ceiling does not create directory health problems for a newborn. Therefore, you can not say that a ceiling fan is hazardous for a newborn.

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