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Do Dark Or Light Floors Make a Room Look Bigger?

Do dark or light floors make a room look bigger? In that question, the answer is that a dark floor looks smaller than a light floor of the same size.

It’s a frequent misconception that lighter-colored flooring makes a place feel larger and darker flooring makes a room appear smaller. That is true to some extent, but wall colors greatly influence how a room looks overall, especially because each room has more wall space than floor area.

What color of floor to choose from dark or light?

Consider the mood you want to create for your space since bright or dark floors might complement your dark furnishings. Which mood do you want it to have—warm and cozy or light and airy? Is it modern or vintage? This can help you decide between light and dark wood flooring.

It should go without saying that in a kitchen or bedroom, brighter walls tend to give the space a sense of openness and airiness. (Recall the warm, enveloping atmosphere of libraries and offices—they typically have dark walls.) Interestingly enough, though, the contrast between light wall paint and a dark floor helps to provide the impression of openness and a larger area. If the atmosphere of your exquisite cathedral ceilings isn’t being captured by your average-height ceilings, a dark floor—whether hardwood, tile, or carpet—can make a light-colored ceiling appear even higher. This sophisticated, classic design also complements a variety of home design styles.

Tips for choosing the right color floor 

In this part, some points and tips are mentioned to clear your doubts when choosing the floor color. 

  • Avoid the prospect of working in a tiny space to depress you. You may make every space an “excellent room” by installing hardwood flooring diagonally or selecting bigger planks and tiles. We provide all the resources you want, whether you’re looking for assistance selecting a new flooring type or would like the knowledge of a design expert to help your tiny area look larger. 
  • It has been shown that having the same flooring throughout your house helps every room flow and gives the impression that smaller areas are bigger and a part of a larger space.
Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

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  • On the opposite conjunction, considering bathroom flooring separately is necessary because of the room’s purpose as well as its humidity and wetness. You need flooring in your bathroom that can endure these things.
  • It may seem surprising, but the placement of flooring may help a space appear larger than it is. Installing flooring, such as boards running parallel to the room’s longest wall, is a typical trick of the trade that quickly makes a space look larger. Similarly, to assist extend a tiny room, steer clear of gaudy flowery, and too elaborate designs and use vertical stripes instead of them if you decide to install carpet.

One further flooring installation tip to help open up a small space is to lay down boards and tiles diagonally. Though it’s not the conventional approach, the eyes will be tricked into thinking the room is bigger and more expansive.

  • Wall mirrors give the illusion of more space in a room. They reflect light and color in addition to pictures. Mirror a whole wall by using mirror tiles. Your room will seem larger than it is. This picture combines the living room and kitchen into one compact, open space, and a curved floor mirror looks fantastic. 
  • Opt for lightweight, comfortable furnishings. The openness at the bottom of the light linen sofa, navy stool, and brass and marble coffee table in this picture gives the impression that the space is larger and more spacious. 

Small areas are also ideal for glass tables, acrylic seats, and lucite furniture. Light flooring and white walls keep everything airy and bright, which enlarges tiny areas.

Things to know about dark floor

It’s a myth that flooring made of dark wood limits our perception of space. Darker woods like walnut and exotic Brazilian cherry may enlarge a space when paired with the appropriate wall color, trim, and molding.

To use this design tip, paint the walls and trim in a cool tone that complements your floor (keep in mind that cold colors recede and warm colors advance). To create a feeling of expansiveness, add crown molding in white or a shade lighter than the walls, drawing the eye up to the corners. 


So, it completely depends on you– will you decide to go with a dark or with a light floor tune? Also, let us know your thoughts on the topic and the results you are getting after completing the floor design. 

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