Ways of dressing bedroom windows.

How to Dress a Bedroom Window Without Curtains

Although it’s unconventional to dress the window without curtains, there are still many ways to do it. 

Firstly, you can choose blinds as the alternative paths for curtains.

It’s a common practice of covering the window space of modern houses. With the use of blinds, the window looks more attractive too. It works as a shield and in the process protects the room from outer dust. Moreover, it doesn’t completely block outer daylight. On the contrary, blinds send uninterrupted dim lighting through the window inside the bedroom.  

The up-sliding blinds are so familiar to us. However, side-bending, down-sliding blinds systems are also available. In comparison with traditional curtains, the blind window cover is slightly expensive.  

Undeniably, blinds are the best choice of curtains for bedroom windows. 

Secondly, you may choose shades to cover the bedroom window instead of curtains. 

Shades are slightly different from traditional blinds. It is made of polyester, wool, or any soft textiles whereas, blinds are slat covers that hang from the upper part of the window.   

Thirdly, customized window plants could be used in the absence of curtains. 

It is a creative way of decorating the window zone, though a plant window cover isn’t a traditional thought at all. 

I liked this way of dressing the bedroom window as it delivers natural vibes. The purchasing value of window plants is also in our range. 

Many environmental seminars and specialists also suggest the addition of plants inside the house as it creates a positive impression on the environment. 

After the plants’ covering system, 

I will suggest a privacy screen for the bedroom window dressing. 

Image by kj pargeter on Freepik

The privacy screen is an extra front covering system that is made of plastic or wood. Plus, a privacy screen is easily transferable and durable. But the cost of it is slightly higher than all the other options. 

Secondary options to dress a bedroom window without curtains 

All those previously mentioned items are the best alternative solution for curtains as window dressers. Apart from these ways, you may go for stained glass covers, fabric Roman shades, lace cloths, glass bottles, and a frosted glazing window dress.

I am not going to add any extra discussions on those choices as these are substitute parts of shades and blinds. But I have added some pictures next to this section about those mentioned ways to clear up the ideas. 

Bedroom window cover

Image by 영훈 박 from Pixabay

 Simple window curtain for bedroom

Image by Anna Lisa from Pixabay

Bedroom window dress

Image by THAM YUAN YUAN from Pixabay

Is it better to dress a bedroom window without curtains?

It completely depends on your choice and affordability. Only curtains are a less expensive and more traditional usable option against the mentioned items. Therefore, we look for curtains more often than alternatives. 

It depends on your priorities rather than traditional practices as all those options have pros and cons. So, it’s not a question of better choice rather it’s an issue of adjustability, choice, and affordability. 

Concluding part

I have mentioned alternative dressing options for bedroom windows without curtains. So, choose your favorite pathway, and then find an item to complete the window decoration.

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