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How to Decorate Built-in Shelves in Dining Room

Steps of doing shelve decoration

Let’s know how to decorate built-in shelves in the dining room with me.

Decorating built-in shelves is an interesting thing; everyone wants to do it in their own way. Everyone has some special aspects of doing the job. Getting a satisfying result is not easy at all. It could take many hours to reach the final line. Even many approaches fail or you reset it time after time.

For the best outlook, we bring new changes each time. We try different ways to find the desired look, and changes happen until we get the best view.

Doing the same thing over and over again is a hectic one. But decoration is something that does not stop us in any way. It is enjoyable and provides us satisfaction too. I know no one becomes tired of doing such things. However, the problem arises after each failed try – not becoming satisfied or not becoming happy with the outcome. 

I, therefore, follow simple rules for decorating any items, especially built-in items. I completely decorated the built-in shelf of my dining room in an eye-catching form within a short time. Maybe the whole idea is quite surprising and doubtful to you.

Is it necessary to Decorate Built-in Shelves in the dining room

Knowing the details clarifies the reasons behind the decoration of the built-in shelves. Usually, the shelves take up a large section of a general dining room. Thereby, you need a well-decorated shelf to catch the attention of others.

To increase the beauty of the dining area, proper decoration of built-in shelves is a compulsory option. Decoration helps to provide the complete look of the room. In Particular, the built-in section looks so amazing when it is well-styled.

Image by Tung Nguyen from Pixabay

 Generally, the outlook of the house reflects the house owner’s personality. With the decorated look of the house, it is easy to establish a high-class personality in others’ eyes. Everyone notices home decoration first, which ultimately opens your choices, priorities, and lifestyle in front of them. So, with a well-decorated built-in shelf, you can easily create a good personality in others’ eyes.

Also, the point of earning personal satisfaction out of house decoration is another undeniable reason for having nice shelving and any other furniture of houses. Most of us always look forward to having a nice home and interior only to demand satisfaction. It keeps offense of demanding a good house and keeping it well decorated – rather it is a dream of a lifetime, which everyone has rightful desire. 

Although some may consider that way of thinking completely materialistic and show-off kind of stuff also. In reality, doing decoration and work to make better of anything is a diving thinking, which is not at all underestimating.

So, do not take others’ comments seriously, especially setting up your personal choices.

Avoid messy steps and follow traditional steps. It is better to make a mix of traditional and modern approaches. Do not waste money for decoration purposes. Use your creativity and techniques to make an attractive setting for the shelf. As there are no hard and fast rules for doing shelf decoration, prioritize your choices while decorating the shelf. 
Summary: How to Decorate Built-in Shelves in the Dining Room

Decoration of built-in shelves – step-by-step

The decoration is the art of keeping things in the right order to bring up a beautiful outlook. That’s why I always prefer simple ways and avoid complexities. Any unnecessary steps destroy the desired result, and wrong happens for only two or three missteps.

As the dining room built-in shelves have storage ability and gigantic compartments, multiple things fill up the empty sections. Books and small showpieces can be stored in the compartments simultaneously due to the smaller size.

For the larger items, choose the large compartments on the shelf. Proper placement of items increases the beauty of the furniture. So make sure you place items in the exact position according to the size and dimension.

Try to achieve compact-looking compartments on the shelf. Put the most usable items on the front side. By keeping these items within touching distance you can bring out the items whenever it is necessary. It allows you to move the items freely, keeping other items untouched.

Consequently, items will be in the same position except the taken one. Thereby, keeping most usable items in a free position and within touching distance is a fine statistical move of decoration.

Always put aquarium and large canvas items on the top of the middle tier to catch everyone’s attention. These items always increase the beauty of the shelf. I saw lots of us make mistakes by putting the most eye-catching items in the wrong position. 

Close up the mirror properly to reduce dust entering and falling on the open showpieces. Clean the inside items at least once every month. After using any platters and drinking items properly clean these before putting them inside again. It is better to remove water by using a cloth or something like that and putting the item inside after use. Consequences of it the used item will not lose any glace and remain in fresh-looking condition even after so many uses.

After every six months or 1 year time, alter some of the items on different compartments or tiers for a new outlook. Remember it is all about bringing a good outlook and getting outsiders’ attention. For a fresh look, you may remove some old items from the shelf and replace them with brand new eye-catching trendy items on each new year cycle.

how to decorate built-in shelves in the dining room: What not to do

Decoration and styling an artistic things that do not follow any boundaries nor do they have any rules. We always become so excited while doing the decoration. But out of excitement, we make so many mistakes – sometimes large, sometimes small. So, we need to know the details of the decoration procedure to avoid messed-up creation.

Firstly, avoid putting many items in small spaces, cabinets, or shelves. It creates a messed-up outlook rather than something beautiful. Consequently, the shelf usability becomes less. I mean the productivity of the shelf will come down to half the number if you put lots of items in a small space. Bringing out any desired items from a narrow section is hard. Meanwhile, the outlook of the shelf becomes horrible and delivers a bad impression of your choices. 

Secondly, do not put the wrong items in the wrong compartment on the shelf. It destroys the outlook of the shelf completely. To put items properly, consider the size, and dimension of it. And then see if the item has the right fighting ability on the empty section. Put the most attractive showpieces on the largest corner so that it becomes the focus point of the shelf.

Keep the built-in shelves area free and less compact. Consequently, the shelf will become the main focus point of the room. Do not cover up the area with other furniture. Try to make it the most valuable and attractive section of the room. 

Also, do not use any curtains on the shelf. I know curtains work as a protector of the glasses on the shelves, but they also cover up the inner beauty in the process. If you have enough showpieces and decorating items inside the shelving, keep the front area open enough to reflect a complete view of the inner section. 

Avoid putting similar items on the dining room shelf. As the shelf is the source of the dining room attraction and works as a helping hand to the housemaker, put different items in there. From books to dining items, you can put everything in there.

More necessary information

Always prioritize your and your family’s decisions over others’ thoughts and priorities. Doing decoration is something that can be compared with art. It is not a given task or assignment either. 

Make sure, you are not losing extra money for decoration purposes. Do the whole decoration and styling based on your creative thoughts. Think out of the box, and sometimes follow traditional ways too. Make a mixture of old and new styles. That turns the ordinary thing on an extraordinary spectrum.

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