Should Curtains Touch The Floor

Should Bedroom Curtains Touch The Floor? You Decide

Curtains are an excellent manner to add personality and style to the bedroom in your home. But should they touch the floor or stop just short? One of the most common questions regarding bedroom curtains is whether or not they should curtain the foot. There are no correct or incorrect explanations for this query; it eventually reaches down to personal selection and lifestyle. Some people desire their curtains to touch the floor, while others prefer them to pool on the bottom.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making your decision. Curtains that connect the floor will appear more standard, while those that are shorter have a more simple look. It also depends on the fabric and material of the curtain. If your curtains are made of light material, they may flow up when unlocked, so you may like to pick a more extended height. Eventually, it’s up to you to decide what look you’re going for and what will perform best in your room. Here are the queries with the pros and cons of both options; you should look into them.

Why Do We Need Bedroom Curtains?

Bedroom curtains are one of the essential home appliances that provide various advantages to the bedroom. Bedroom curtains help to block direct sunlight during the daytime, and it blocks additional lights from coming into the bedroom. A curtain on the bedroom window will protect you from being spied on from the outside. Bedroom curtains reduce the dust coming in from the outdoor and keep the room dust-free. Additionally, putting nice curtains always increases the beauty of the bedroom.

What Are The Best Curtains For Bedroom?

The best curtains depend on an individual’s interest as everyone has their own preference. Curtains made from cotton are very popular and durable to hang in the bedroom. Other than that, curtains are made from tissue fabric and are one of the best for hanging in bedrooms. However, try to have a lightweight curtain in the bedroom which is more suitable.

Should Bedroom Curtains Touch The Floor?


The answer to this question is a bit confusing as there’s no particular explanation for this. As you already know it depends on your personal choice that how you wanna see your bedroom curtains.

If you want closeness and a compact look in your bedroom then you may go for the curtains that touch the floor. On the other hand, if you’re on the team who likes to have more light in the room with a free-flowing curtain then your curtains should not touch the floor and maintain a distance from the base. However, in general, your bedroom curtain should not touch the floor and should maintain a minimum gap of 0.5 inches to 1 inch between the curtain panel and the floor.

Which Colors Are Suitable For Bedroom Curtains?

There are no specific colors for curtains for the bedroom as choosing the colors depends on individual preference. It also depends on the color of the wall of your bedroom. Additionally, bedroom curtain colors depend on the furniture and furniture color also of your bedroom. Some people prefer to match colors for everything and some others prefer their favorite colors. However, there are some common and special colors out there for bedroom curtains. Lavender, Sky blue, cream white, pastel, maroon, and light green are the common colors among them.

Where Should Hang The Curtains In Bedroom?

Hanging curtains for your bedroom is easy as there are a few options to do that. Windows are the main place where you can hang the curtains for your bedroom. If your window is more than 60 inches wide then you should hang three curtains into it. For windows of less than 5 feet, you may hang 2 or 3 curtains on that. You can also hang one or two curtains on the door also and it can be the main entrance or the balcony door of your bedroom. Some people also like to hang curtains on the washroom door of your bedroom. 

How Much Should Curtains Touch The Floor?

There is no specific measurement to hang the curtains with a distance between the floor. If you’re preferring the short curtains then they should keep a distance of 12 inches to 24 inches. If you’re on the team where you like the curtains to touch the floor, then it’s not your concern. However, if we consider a standard, the curtains should maintain a distance of 0.5 inches to 1 inch from the ground.

So, should bedroom curtains touch the floor? As you already know that it depends on how you desire to see your bedroom curtain. If you want to form a feeling of coziness and closeness in your bedroom, you should have the curtains touch the floor, which can help accomplish that outcome. However, if you enjoy more light entering the room, having them hang slightly above the bed might be more reasonable.

Finally, it’s up to you to determine what look you are going for and what will make you feel most pleased. Whatever you select, just remember that mindful thought and planning are fundamental to increasing the bedroom’s beauty room.

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