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The Interesting Story of Lighting My Dressing Room

I finally realized lighting in dressing rooms is important after spending a couple of weeks in my new modern house. Although I am staying here, on rent I have moved to that new house for a long time. I shifted to this new house, to get closer to the new office which is just 100 yards away. But the modern house is something close to being a magnificent hub for me. This versatile house is designed in a modern and trendy shape, focusing on the arrival of modern renters.

It has gigantic rooms, marvelous floor tiles, and a spectacular basing system with modern bathroom facilities. But the most fascinating thing is the presence of a dressing room in that house, which is completely new to me because it is absent in most modern houses too.

So, after seeing the dressing room I thought the room is well decorated, with nothing left here for development. My family members only used that small room only for dress-changing purposes. And on other times the space was not important to us. So, it was kind of a useless room for us. 

But, when I saw a similar dressing room in my friend Alisa’s apartment, I asked her about the usability of this room. She told me every detail, and by listening to everything from her I became so ashamed that I have left that multi-purpose room alone and useless. I finally realized the dressing room is usable for multiple purposes. Consequently, I became so ashamed that we left such a useful space in our house. 

Alisa’s dressing room lighting was something close to spectacular. Anyone can complete their makeover and dress in front of the mirror, which is standing in the left corner of the room. So, I decided to light up and color up my dressing room too. For the development purpose, I have given a magnificent setup to the dressing room. With the new setup, the room looks so marvelous and well-settled for all dressing-related purposes.

The dressing room light is a new trend that requires a touch of excellence for getting the expected result. By lighting up the dressing table, mirror, and ceiling you can solidify the work.
Summary: The Dressing Room Lighting

I added focus lighting around the dressing mirror – the first step of dressing room decoration.

I brought on a standing large mirror to achieve a similar look as Alisa did in her dressing room. Similarly following her step, I added focus lights on each corner of it. With the help of the lighting, I was able to style the entire mirror area.

Mirror lighting of the dressing room

That artificial lighting came up with lots of positive impacts. I can see every small spot on my face clearly when the light is on. Moreover, a proper lighting system has set the tone for doing attractive makeup in front of that mirror. Eventually, the mirror outlooks also changed quite a bit. It looks so amazing at night with the light. Meanwhile, that’s not the end of the overall lighting decoration I have in the dressing room.

A pendant light was added to the ceiling – another good way of lighting up the dressing room. 

I have added a white pendant from the ceiling to just above the dressing table. That lighting completely changed the look of it and transformed that small space into a perfect place for taking a makeover. 

The pendant I have added is affordable, and anyone can add similar light to decor their dressing room too.

As it is a family dressing room – I added white lights. 

I opted for white lights, in the white-surrounded dressing room. The overall lighting has a positive impact and does not have extra glassing in the room. In fact, I tried to bring on a proper daylight view, with the added lighting system. 

I am completely satisfied with the newly added lighting in my dressing room. If you have some concerns, you may go for a similar style. To do overall light, it may cost you around $200. I know for a better experience, any choosy person will do the same. They will not be so tense about the money either.

What are the lights called in dressing rooms?

Dressing room lighting does not have any iconic names either. Some call them fairy lights, mirror lights, pendants for the ceiling, and focus lights of the frontal and sidewalls. Mainly, the dressing room concept is quite new for us. That’s why no fixed names could be found for it.

Some also use table lamps to create interesting views on the side table. Whereas, others add beautiful pendants to bring an elegant look to the room. You can name the lights of your dressing room according to your liking.

Why is it necessary to add lights to the dressing room?

Modern houses have so many features that may surprise you completely. And the dressing room addition is one of the new features that is so surprising for us. There are many reasons for lighting up modern dressing rooms.

Firstly, proper lighting is a must to create proper visibility. The space will look much brighter than normal. Consequently, the area will become a nice section for doing all the necessary work.

Large dressing room of shopping mall

Secondly, adding lights is also part of the high-hand decoration work. Top-level decoration always resembles the owner’s lifestyle positively to the others. That’s why every fashion-oriented person should be looking for nice lighting in their dressing room. 

Thirdly, I will say, the addition of lights in the dressing room increases its beauty by a large number. So, if you are looking for up-to-date decoration with flawless action, adding lights to the dressing is so necessary in every aspect. 

Examples of lighting in the dressing rooms

As the dressing room concept is a newly arrived one, it kind of solves a puzzle when it comes to doing any decoration there. Hopefully, the below examples will help you solve the puzzle of lighting up the dressing room.

Dressing room mirror lighting

Mirror lighting

Dressing room style

Personal dressing room

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

Classic dressing room style

The dressing room is now becoming a compulsory part of modern houses. The room has multi-purpose usability. Although most of the modern housing concept is to complete it in a small space in the process ignoring facilities like extra dining, balcony, and dressing spaces.

But if you are convinced about my way of dressing room and its lighting module, you can use the information here.

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