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Is it Better to Sleep on the Floor or Bed?

Where to sleep

Is it better to sleep on the floor or bed? Know the details from this article.

Straightway, I am telling you I love to be on the bed, rather than flooring. I will talk about some of my terrible flooring experiences later. I’ll now discuss the benefits of giving your bed priority if you want to sleep well.

Sleeping on the floor is comfortable and has positive outcomes. Whereas, sleeping on the floor only suits pregnant women and some special cases. But, it has negative outcomes on most occasions.
Summary: Is it better to sleep on the floor or bed?

Comfortable sleeping experience

Only a proper bed provides a comfortable sleeping experience. When we lay down our stretched body after a whole day of work on the soft surface of the bed, it initially delivers a comfortable experience.

Sleep on the bed

Then we only require a comfortable pillow to have a wonderful sleeping time. Undoubtedly, the bed delivers the best experience for sleeping. Even 8-10 hours of sound sleeping is possible with soft and comfortable bedding.

Good for health and the human body: Is it better to sleep on the floor or bed

Undoubtedly, the bed is the most proven and scientifically identified place for a satisfying sleeping experience. Soft bedding holds our body so nicely during sleeping time. Even after a long time of sleeping, I remain healthy enough. Doctors highly recommend soft bedding for pregnant and aged persons.

Comfortable sleeping on the bed

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

After hours of sleeping no problems and no spots appear on the skin. However, some have misconceptions about sleeping on the bed.

Traditional practice

From the ancient period of human civilization, we did not have a proper bedding system like today’s. However, with the development of technologies, nice bedding systems have already developed. In the ancient period, somehow our ancestors tried to sleep on a top structure which is the first phase of today’s bed system. So, sleeping in bed is not new at all, nevertheless, it is our traditional practice.

After laying bodies on a bed, we feel the connection with our early ancestors.

A true Experience of sleeping on the Floor; why you should not Sleep on the Floor

I have had a terrible experience with flooring. That’s why I always recommend you to sleep on the bed.

It was more than 10 years since I faced the nightmare of a lifetime. When I was in 12th class, I used to stay in a hostel. One night, I slept on the floor as I did not manage the mattress from the teacher’s room. 

During that night, I did not sleep well at all. The floor has become so cold and I somehow slept on it. After waking up from bed, I thought everything was good. I was yet to face the harsh reality when I came back from the washing room. When I looked in the mirror I saw my face in such bad condition. It was an allergic reaction, and my whole body faced the consequences of it. 

Sleeping on the floor

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Then, I went to the doctor for treatment. After the check, the doctor said I was attacked by a dangerous insect, which is responsible for that allergic reaction. I was so lucky that I survived that scary night. The doctor told me that worse could have happened to me. That dangerous insect could have entered my body through my ear and nose.

Sharing life’s true experience of skin allergy problems that came from flooring I have yet to disclose others’ problems of sleeping on the floor. 

Sleeping on the floor increases the risk of fractures or feeling too cold. Those who have an allergic problem, suffer in the long run. That’s not the end, for those who have joint issues like arthritis, floor sleeping is dangerous for them.  

Laying on the floor for a long time creates body pain. On a hard surface, our body feels so uncomfortable. That could lead to insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Those who have posture problems suffer from muscle pain from the flooring.

I only opt for bed, for sleeping, and ignore sleeping on sofas, any rough surfaces, or any similar things.

Is it better to sleep on the floor or bed?

In some cases, pregnant women see positive outcomes of sleeping on the floor. Provided that, if she does not have pre-cold issues. Otherwise, sleeping on the floor has negative impacts on large extensions. 

This especially brings problems to those who have muscle problems and cold allergic issues. In the worst-case scenario, flooring brings insomnia and other sleeping problems.

That’s why I do not suggest you sleep on the floor without any considerable reason. Use a bed and soft mattress for a comfortable and peaceful sleeping experience.

Sleep on the floor or bed; voting

I asked every family member and close relative about their personal opinion on this case. They shared their experience and opinions on sleeping on the floor or the bed. I have attached their opinions and comments on the chart here. 

NameSleep on the bedSleep on the floorexperience
Jacob (father)No Yes Had a terrible experience sleeping on the floor.
Dyna (mother)Yes Yes She has mixed experience; likes both.
Lucy (sister)No Yes She benefited from sleeping on the floor during pregnancy. But I do like the experience.
James (friend)No Yes He did not try to sleep on the floor yet.
Macmillan (relative)Yes Yes He has mixed experience.
Table: Voting result on choosing bed or floor for sleeping

It comes down to individual choices. You ought to sleep at your preferred location. Ultimately, there are more advantages to sleeping on the bed than on the floor. So choose a place to sleep that you enjoy.


The below section has answers to necessary queries regarding this segment.

Why do Japanese sleep on the floor?

Answer: This is probably because tossing and turning during sleep can be lessened by sleeping on a solid surface. Additionally, controlling one’s body temperature while sleeping on the floor might enhance the quality of one’s sleep.

Sleeping in a bed is good practice.

Answer: Getting into bed is the most common and optimal sleeping position.

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