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Why You Must Have Big Windows in the Living Room?

Big windows

A window is an essential part of a living room. Setting up beautiful windows helps to increase the beauty of the room. Living room windows could be of different sizes and shapes.

The question is what size of windows are best for the living room. Whether you go for small or large windows for the living room?

From personal experience, I always prefer large windows for living room decoration. Any big window has more positive outcomes than smaller windows. 

Reasons for choosing big windows for the living room

Let me share a true story with you. During construction, I demanded a large window in the left corner of the living room. The workers successfully added that window according to the shown layout. 

After finishing the construction, I was so happy with the perfect window setting.

The window consists of two big glasses on two sides. It has a door panel locking system. Black glasses easily matched the white sidewalls of the living room. However, there are more reasons why I am satisfied with the big window in my living room.

Firstly, the big window provides a clear view of outside activities. I can enjoy outdoor activities from inside the house while resting in the living room. On heavy rainy days, I spend quality time in front of the window. 

During that time the outside view looks marvelous. Sometimes, I write poems sitting in front of the window.

Secondly, the window brings fresh air to the room. The window covers a large area, so I get air access at regular intervals. Fresh air always makes me charming. 

Thirdly, the room looks so aesthetic with the addition of the window. The overall decoration looks superb with that large window attachment.

A large window also works as a ventilation zone for the room. Inside hot air passes through the window section. As a result, the room temperature always stays normal.

The large window transformed the ordinary living room into a great resting place. Sometimes, all family members gather to enjoy the facilities of the living room. Behind every positive transformation in my living room, most of the credit goes to the window.

A good living room is a combination of proper decoration, construction, and the result of built-in items.

Examples of beautiful big windows for the living room

If you are looking for big window designs for the living room, you can check these collections.

Square window on the wall

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

 Mainly any large-shaped window brings uninterrupted daylight inside. If you set this window in a medium living room, you will get free daylight facilities. You don’t need any lights in the daytime. The window section is enough to support you with proper lighting.

Simple window in the living room

Photo by David Huynh on Unsplash

This is an example of a simple window. You can attach this window, especially in small living rooms. The handle system looks so marvelous. 

Dual adjusted window

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

This dual window system is proper for large rooms. In modern houses, the concept of adding dueling windows is increasing. 

Black frame big window

It is a classic window which is preferable for square-shaped living rooms. The black framing has provided an aesthetic look to the decor. Simple creativity creates extraordinary design.

Spectacular sidewall large window

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Some designs are unforgettable. This particular backyard window system is a justification for a well-built window. This special architectural work is slightly expensive. Such top-quality windows fit well in large dining rooms.

The door-inspired window system

Simple crafting work becomes so eye-soothing. The possible outcome of such work creates something unforgettable. 

This living room window is a top-notched work of skilled craftsmen. It allows proper ventilation, fresh air, and a fascinating outdoor view. The window system is also secure.

Classic window system of living room

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

It’s a nice classic window panel. The window adds new dynamism to the room. However, the window panel system is slightly unsecured.

If you have a secured housing area, then you may attach this window panel to the master room. 

Backyard-facing window system

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

This design is slightly unusual. Only skilled craftsmen can make such a beautiful window system.

In terms of beautification, this particular window design sits at the top. The overall look is quite good. 

Bending window for living room

Bending windows are useful, especially for bending technology. You can remove the whole glass section keeping the frame in the same place. This system is a little bit nontraditional. 

However, during heavy rains keep the glass panel closed. Otherwise, inside appliances will be affected by the rain.

Do big windows have any issues?

Big Windows does have some concerning issues too. Firstly, any big window opens big spaces on the wall which are a little bit unsecured. However, you can strengthen the security issue by adding a window grill.

Big windows open big spaces which bring outer dust inside the house. It’s another problem you have to deal with. To keep inside items safe from dust, use curtain protection. 

The final problem is the high price. Any big windows are a little expensive. Carefully use the big window. Any slight carelessness will be so costly. 

Concluding part

If you handle concerns, a big window will be an ideal choice for a beautiful living room. Make sure the big matches properly with the existing decoration of the room.

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